An experienced professional loan officer personally manages every loan request.

Southland will match your request with the right bank or niche lender for your business.
Southland loan officers prepare all application documents.
Southland facilitates your applications from submittal, to approval, to loan closing.

   The first step, give us a call. An experienced loan officer will listen to you, ask a few relevant questions, and determine if we can assist in arranging the financing you need. In just a few minutes Southland can tell if we need to go further.

   Banks, like any other business, have different marketing approaches. They define the kinds of loans they will or will not make. For example, some banks will not make a loan to finance motels, others will. Our business is to know where to take your loan request for the best results.

   Southland maintains relationships with many banks, commercial finance companies, and other lending sources. Large national lenders as well as small community banks are used in finding the right lender for you. After determining the specific needs of your business, your application is presented to the lender most receptive to your type of business. Southland prepares all documentation for your loan application.

Our loan officers follow your request from application, to approval, to loan closing.

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